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Winnipeg has the largest indigenous advisory board of any Canadian city, and the NHL's Jets are the first professional sporting team in Canada to acknowledge the colonial history of their arena at the beginning of sporting events. Though there is much work to be done towards meaningful reconciliation, these moves have helped the city emerge as a leader in Canada in terms of recognizing its colonial history.


There are only 5 materials that can be recycled in Winnipeg. Recycling is an important way for residents to lower their environmental footprint. Winnipeg can learn from Canadian cities such as Edmonton and Vancouver, whose residents can recycle 9 different materials.


Winnipeg could improve its score on the employment attribute by offering job skills and training workshops for youth in the city. Doing so would provide an important base for job-seeking youth, and encourage them to stay in Winnipeg rather than seeking work elsewhere.


There is no rule in Winnipeg that local communities be consulted on public art projects or installations. A more inclusive process would ensure that public art pieces reflect the communities in which they're located.

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