Video Impact Stories

Youth are shaping the communities we live in. Listen to their impactful stories of transforming cities into better places we can live, work and play in.

Discover the energy and innovation of the Vancouver Urban Work Summit, hosted by Youthful Cities! This sizzle reel captures the highlights of this dynamic event, where young leaders, entrepreneurs, and city-builders came together to reimagine the future of work in urban centers. We gathered 60 passionate young leaders from across Canada where they explored solutions to make our cities more inclusive, sustainable, and dynamic places to work in. Vancouver marks the inaugural city among the four hosting these summits. 


Join us for a cozy fireside chat as Youthful Cities sits down with the brilliant minds behind the winning projects of the Vancouver Urban Work Summit micro-grants. In this engaging conversation, we delve into the innovative initiatives that are reshaping the urban work landscape of Canadian cities.