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Vancouver's strengths are spread out across the live and work themes. Notwithstanding its expensive and scarce housing, Vancouver's high quality of life shines through, with the city finishing in the top three of all seven of the live attributes: first in health and environment, second in transit and digital access, and third in civic engagement, diversity, and safety. In the work theme Vancouver places second in employment and third in financial services, education and entrepreneurship. Less positively, in the work theme, the city finishes dead last in affordability. And in the play theme, it finds itself in the top three of just one attribute: public space, where it tops the list.


For a diverse and buzzing Canadian city, Vancouver is lacking on the film attribute. Vancouver only has 5 film festivals (compared to 52 in Toronto), which would be a good area for city-builders to turn their attention. New film festivals would provide more opportunities for young people to experience the arts, and potentially become filmmakers themselves.


Vancouver takes a hit on its music score for having only two music festivals. Music festivals contribute to a city's fun and youthful atmosphere, so Vancouver should consider more music festivals if it wants to attract youth to its city during the summer!


Vancouver has the lowest rank in Canada on the affordability attribute. Housing in Vancouver is notoriously unaffordable, with both buying and renting being the most expensive in Canada. One thing to keep in perspective is that, although the densest large city in Canada, Vancouver is not nearly as dense as similar cities outside of Canada such as San Francisco. Developing "up" is one way Vancouver can make room for more housing and ensure that all of its residents have affordable places to live.

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