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Toronto's strengths are spread out broadly across our live, work and play themes. The Ontario capital finishes in the top three of four out of seven live attributes, coming in first in civic engagement and diversity, second in health, and third in transit. In the work theme, Toronto finishes first in financial services and second in entrepreneurship. And in the play theme, Toronto finishes in the top three in six out of eight attributes, with a first place win in creative arts, second place in public space, fashion, film, and sports, and third place in travel.


For such a large city, with a high number of both youth and tourists, Toronto is lacking on the accessibility of free Wi-Fi. It scores second worst in the country on free Wi-Fi availability. One major area of improvement would be to make free Wifi on Toronto’s university and college campuses publicly accessible, and to equip all public transit with Wi-Fi. This would ensure that Toronto's residents and visitors can stay connected and get around the city safely.


This probably won't surprise you, but it is expensive to live in Toronto! Toronto's monthly transit passes are most expensive, and the average cost of rental housing is second most expensive. The city has begun to address this by offering discounts to low-income transit riders starting in April 2018, but there's still more work to do! Many youth may not fit the criteria for low-income, but the high costs of rental housing might leave them with little disposable income to spend on transit.


Despite the high cost of Toronto's transit passes, the commuter time by transit in Toronto is the second longest out of the Canadian cities measured. Toronto needs to extend its transit operation times to allow more youth to get around the city all the time.

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