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St. John's wins on most affordable rental housing in Canada by a long shot. Average rental housing in St. John's is over $1000 cheaper than Canada's most expensive cities, Toronto and Vancouver. This may attract youth and other folks who can't afford other cities' skyrocketing rental costs to the scenic Atlantic city.


St. John's has the highest number of registered vehicles compared to the size of its population. Why so many cars? The city's low walk score and lack of public bike sharing program are likely contributors. A public bike sharing program might help reduce St. John's car dependency.


English is the only voting language in St. John's municipal elections! This may restrict Francophone or newcomer youth and others from participating in elections. To make civic participation in the city more inclusive, St. John's should increase the number of languages one can vote in.


St. John's has a high youth unemployment rate. One contributor to this may be that there are no youth employment centers in St. John's. It is important to have employment centers that cater specifically to youth, who may face different barriers to finding work.

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