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Quebec City ranks second highest on the Environment attribute, with one impressive result being that it has the lowest annual carbon emissions relative to its population. As climate change becomes increasingly urgent, perhaps other cities in Canada and around the world can learn from Quebec's capital!


Quebec City lowers its diversity score by only allowing residents to vote in French in municipal elections. While French language is an important element to the heritage of the city, not having provisions for newcomers to vote in additional languages may pose a barrier to their civic engagement.


Quebec City scores lowest on the health attribute, falling into the bottom of the pack for most health indicators. One quick fix: unlike many other Canadian cities, Quebec City doesn't distribute free contraceptives. Doing so is an important move towards improving the reproductive and sexual health of the city's youth, who are one of the biggest beneficiaries of free contraception.


Quebec City only has one film festival, a low number for the size of its population. To provide more opportunities to showcase local filmmaking talent, another film festival might be a good idea – particularly one geared towards youth!

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