What is youthfulness?

Our programs are built off a deep understanding of what youth want out of their city and its infrastructure. To many, infrastructure means roads and bridges. To youth, it’s a more holistic view of the attributes of cities that help them live, work, play and thrive. We have surveyed more than 30,000 youth globally to help define a youthful infrastructure based on what’s important to youth.



What does it mean to be youthful? 

When people think of the word youthful, it often means the positive attributes of youth. More specifically, it is connected, dynamic, open, curious, inventive and playful. Youthfulness is a state of mind versus a stage of life, but it’s certainly more predominant in youth.

Youth around the world agree that youthful cities have stronger economies, better job opportunities, more entrepreneurship, happier populations and more events attracted to the city. Youthful cities are attractive to a young labour force (15-29 years) and youthful innovators. For these cities, growth – not atrophy – is in their future.

How do we do it?

We have four main connected programs that reinforce each other.


The Index

The Index is used for ranking cities’ youthful infrastructure. The data is collected by youth through secondary sources and proprietary scales about all 20 urban attributes, and all data is sourced and managed through an online system. The current Index is comprised of 122 indicators. The Index is hard data to start the conversation towards a more youthful urban future. Learn more about our latest Index.


The Survey

The Survey investigates what’s important to youth, how they feel their city performs, what they believe are the urgent issues that need to be addressed in their city. It also measures the youthful attitude of cities. It does this through opinion surveys conducted by youth with youth in their cities. 80% of the survey questions are standardized to allow for comparison and 20% is open for local customization. We strive for a minimum of 500 youth respondents per city: the voice of youth in their city. Learn more. Learn more about our latest Survey.


The 30Lab

The Lab builds and launches new projects and programs to accelerate cities towards a youthful future. It recruits  30 youth (under 30) spread across all twenty youthful infrastructure perspectives. Through a series of facilitated sessions, they use YouthfulCities Index and Survey knowledge to identify an urgent need or gap in their city. Learn more.


The Summit

The Summit gathers groups of youth together from different cities and urban perspectives. It explores the thinking behind what makes cities youthful, and what policies can be adopted to create more youthful cities. Learn more.




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