Vancouver Welcome Session

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

February 14, 2019:

Our first session was all about getting to know each other and the organizations and initiatives (RBC, YouthfulCities, Evergreen, Future Cities Canada, & CityHive) that brought the Future City Builders Program to life!

FCB Vancouver, Robert introducing YouthfulCities & the Future City Builders Program.

For an ice-breaker, participants brought in two personal artifacts each – one that they’ve cherished for a long time and one that they’ve recently gotten attached to.

FCBVancouver participant, Queenie, introducing her personal artifact.

Then, we got right into the 30Lab & project context. We explained why we chose Emergency Preparedness (EP) for Vancouver’s 30Lab topic. Why did we choose EP? Well… Vancouver faces risks such as earthquakes, forest fires, oil spills and flooding. Although many in Vancouver are concerned about earthquakes and other natural disasters, not many are aware of the risks or adequately prepared. After lots of research and consulting with the City of Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Resilience Planner, Katia Tynan, Steph and Kelly (FCB Vancouver City Leads) chose Emergency Preparedness as Vancouver’s 30Lab topic to innovate ideas on how to better tackle emergencies in the city.

Next, we had some more fun and got to know each other better with more ice-breakers, like a group thermometer led by Tessica from City Hive (

Tessica from CityHive facilitating the group thermometer activity.

To wrap up, the participants shared their reasons for joining the program & we created a community agreement. Then, Robert introduced the online survey we would be composing to see where we are at in terms of EP in Vancouver. Participants were instructed to interview 3 people aged 19-30 years old about EP before the next session.

FCB Vancouver participants at Red Academy

Shout-out to Red Academy for hosting us in their awesome space for the evening! Red Academy is a leading design & tech institute, check them out here:

Special thanks to Blenz Coffee for donating the coffee & pastries and to Grounds For Coffee for the delicious cinnamon buns!



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