In Search of Resilience

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Have you heard!? We are in search of resilience. We (Kelly Davies and Steph Koenig) are incredibly excited to be named the Vancouver City Leads for the Future City Builders Program, a collaborative project between YouthfulCities and Evergreen, championed by RBC Future Launch and an initiative by Future Cities Canada. To begin this project, we have identified some of Vancouvers strengths and challenges. Join us as we challenge Vancouver’s weaknesses and build off its strengths.


  • Natural surroundings

  • Active cycling population

  • General interest in sustainability initiatives

  • Access to public parks

  • Port city

  • Rich non-profit sector


  • Predicted mega thrust earthquake

  • Social isolation

  • Lack of affordable housing

  • Marine oil spills

  • Opioid crisis

  • Sea level rise

What are your thoughts? Stay tuned for our next post where we explore Vancouver’s food, water, waste and transit systems!

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