Session 4:

After a two week break, the cohort came back together for the last session at Co-Motion before the final pitch night - session 4. The groups which had formed last week brought their research, resources and laptops to dive deeper into their resiliency solutions.

Once groups touched in with their progress, Robert gave shared his knowledge on advancing projects post - 30lab. Session 4 also brought in four project mentors; returning mentor Mike Christie from the City of Hamilton, Mariya Leslie who is the manager at the Forge Business Incubator, the CEO/Founder Joshua Lombardo-Bottema of GoWrench Auto , Stuart Wheldon of RedChurch Cafe + Gallery, and Kristian from Bruha. From there, groups were able to cycle through and give each of the mentors their elevator pitch. Groups were then given helpful feedback from the pitch mentors which helped further develop their projects. From there, groups were able to incorporate their feedback and from there went on to assemble their final deliverables for the pitch night as well as sign up for pitch rehearsal between session 4 and the final pitch night. After debriefing, the cohort were given the tools on how to move forward with their project after the final event night by Robert and Kristina.



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