Vancouver Session 2 - FINDING THE OPPORTUNITY: Where We Are At & Where We Want To Be

Mar. 01, 2019:

This session we unpacked and deepened our understanding of emergency preparedness. In the morning, we went over the survey results, and then we learned from four amazing content members.

Our first mentor, Katia Tynan presented on where Vancouver is currently at in terms of resilience at the neighbourhood level. Katia works at the City of Vancouver on a team working to develop Vancouver’s first Resilience Strategy. She leads the Strategy’s neighbourhood resilience work, including a pilot partnership with community organizations to co-create tools and resources that build neighbourhood capacity to adapt, respond, recover, and thrive in the face of acute shocks (like earthquakes) and chronic stresses (like social isolation).

FCB Vancouver content mentor, Katia Tynan.

Our next mentor, Anthonia Ogundele. is the Manager of Sustainability, Business Continuity, Emergency Planning and Environmental Sustainability at Vancity Credit Union. With over 15 years of Emergency Management experience, Anthonia has been a part of large-scale response efforts, such as community evacuations to advancing planning for large scale events such as the G8/G20 in Toronto. In her present role, Anthonia and her team are currently focused on the organizational resilience of Vancity, through their business continuity program with a longer-term vision of community resilience through their retail and business members.

FCB Vancouver content mentor, Anthonia Ogundele.

Our third mentor, Jeff Cutler, reviewed with us the key climate projections for our region. He is a landscape architect, urban designer and the founding principal of space2place. He has dedicated the past 25 years to furthering the field of landscape architecture in Canada through his leadership of complex design and planning projects. He is a strong advocate of integrating ecology, ethnography, engineering and public consultation in to the design and transformation of public places.

FCB Vancouver content mentor, Jeff Cutler.

Last but not least, Michael Kluckner, sparked our imaginations with his creative stories and images of Vancouver in 2050. Michael is an artist and former newspaper cartoonist, a long-time heritage activist and author of many books including Vanishing Vancouver, and the creator of the graphic novel 2050, which imagines a future Vancouver in ruins following climate change-induced flooding, war and plague and speculates on the kind of society that would then emerge.

Steph Koenig, FCB Vancouver City Lead, introducing content mentor Michael Kluckner.

Just before lunch, participants split into groups and met with the mentors.

FCB Vancouver content mentor, Michael Kluckner with 30Lab participants.

In the afternoon, we thought about the current reality and creating audiences.

We asked/answered “Who, What, When & Where

• Who are the youth audiences impacted by/influential to Emergency Preparedness (EP)?

• What are the most important and urgent facets of EP we need to appreciate?

• Are there leverage points/open areas that provide opportunities?

• When are the best times to connect with our audiences about EP?

• Where are the best places to connect with our audiences about EP?

To end the session, we wrote out our ideal visions for the future five years from now (2024).

FCB Vancouver, Parisa & Maya showing off their 2024 Vision.



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