Session 2: Dipping our toes in!

Session 2: Tuesday, January 29thBlog Post

Future City Builders Hamilton Session 2 ‘tide’ came ashore January 29thwith the epic crew of our Hamiltonian youth participants. Special thanks to Co-Motion @co-motiononking for allowing us to share their collaborative space! Creativity was flowing, while participants were given insight into Hamilton water issues with our content mentors Mike Christie from @cityofhamilton and Chris McLaughlin from the Bay Area Restoration Council #BARC. Thank you to our guests for sharing their expertise. Our lab included brainstorming all of the who’s, what’s, why’s, when’s and how’s of Hamilton’s water and what resiliency might look like to Hamilton’s water for the future. Ideas are brewing and we are excited to see what’s to wash ashore! Session 3 will include conceptualizing and honing in on our water ideas!

Robert, and Kristina with the 30lab cohort getting excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead for Hamilton water! Photo by Kristina Smith



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