Pushpin: From Idea to Prototype

Our winning team from Future City Builders Vancouver, PushPin, shares their progress since our pitch-off.

Progress Update:

Pushpin has just finished the completion of showcasing our first prototype at the event “Car Free Day” on Commercial Drive. We were able to show the community near one of the Disaster Support Hubs what our project might look like in the area. Moving forward, we are hoping to work towards creating a more functional prototype – specifically for the balloon mechanism, which will deploy into the air. Starting in September, we will be pitching our idea to the students taking part in UBC’s Capstone projects for Mechanical Engineering. If our project is among those that are chosen, we will then be acting as liaisons and “customers” for a group of 3-4 engineering students who will tackle our project head-on and deliver a working prototype for the balloon mechanism. We will be using a portion of our funding to support the materials, build, and IP purchase of this project, as well as occasionally meet with the students from September until April to guide them through their project.

One Project Success: Through the work on our project, we have met other individuals within Vancouver that are working on similar projects related to resilience and emergency preparedness. We have started to form together as a network that we call “Cooperative Resilience Solutionaries” and are brainstorming merging some of our projects and working together on other projects moving forward.

Check out Pushpin at https://www.pushpinvan.com/.




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