Prototyping our housing ideas

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Session 4 was hosted by the Toronto Media and Arts Center in Parkdale, big shoutout for letting us use their space! Parkdale is a neighbourhood experiencing rapid gentrification, and we wanted to be in the thick of it to frame our session.

Session four was where the projects started to take on a better form, as groups had time in between to work on the ideas, and we had another group of mentors coming in to assist the groups.

Teams were able to practice their pitch in the morning to be prepared to present to the mentors. We had the pleasure of hosting Victor Perez-Amado from the University of Toronto, Mick Malowany from Deloitte, Michelle Garraway from InWithForward, and Lyna Saad from Evergreen.

Teams received a lot of helpful feedback, after which they were able to incorporate this feedback and work amongst themselves to continue to improve the project ideas, and practice their pitches. Teams got assistance to help with decision making within groups, and figuring out different leadership styles. This was a hard session for some teams. Some of their base assumptions of their project had to be rethought. However we know that this was for the best!

We were fueled by some cool social enterprises this session as well: Raging Spoon Catering and Santo Pecado Catering



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