Hamilton Welcome Session

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Session 1: Tuesday, January 22nd

Future City Builders Hamilton has lift off! On a cold Tuesday evening, over 20 Hamilton youth attended our intro session as we start unpacking #water issues facing our city. Special thanks to at our local sponsor, McMaster’s Innovation Factory @itbeginswithif for hosting us and welcoming us inside their space!

The night included icebreakers, sharing personal artifacts, introducing the topic of water, defining resiliency, a whole lot of laughter, and connecting the ambitious youth of Hamilton! Youthful cities co-founder, Robert Barnard, shared his insights on what makes a city youthful and how resiliency can be achieved. The team left feeling confident and inspired!

Photos by Kristina Smith

Youthful Cities co-founder Robert Barnard sharing his experiences and insights with the new Hamilton 30lab cohort.

Ideas are brewing as the cohort discusses what makes a city youthful and what urban resiliency could mean to youth.

The Hamilton cohort assembled list of behaviours and attitudes to follow throughout the 30lab process.

Project Manager Kristina Smith shares her 30lab experiences having been a participant and winner in previous years.



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