Halifax Session 4 - Project Development

Session 4 was a full day of project development session. 7 teams spend the whole day fine-tuning their project, hearing feedback from mentors, and getting ready for the pitch night.

Prior to session 4, all teams were required to submit a draft presentation, including the problem they identified, their solution, and the details of their concept. Robert reviewed all seven concepts in advance. In the morning, he gave the groups suggestions and pointed out next step directions.  

The groups spent the rest of the morning improving their concepts, and fill in more content to their pitch presentation slides.

he afternoon session started with a rotating mentor discussion. We invited 4 mentors to our workshop, each group had 20 minutes to present their project to one mentor and ask any questions.

At the end, each group had the chance to chat with 3 mentors about their project.

The last part of session 4 was a pitch practice. All the groups practice their presentation in front of the cohort. Each group had 4 minutes to present. It was a challenge for the teams to condense their project details into a short presentation, including identify problem, explain the solution, how to implement, budgeting and launch plan.

Until pitch night (session 5), the groups had about 2 weeks of time to finalize their project and improve their pitch presentation.



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