Halifax Session #2 Current and the future of Housing in Halifax

Updated: May 21, 2019

The second session started with reviewing the survey result from the one we created and sent out after session 1. Our housing survey results can be found here:


he cohort discussing results from the housing survey.

The cohort spent some time discussing the surprising results from the survey. Looking at the numbers and graphics, about 1/3 of the surveyed youth don’t think they will be able to own a house in 10 years or they will never own a house. The survey also showed that most youth have a gap in their knowledge of renter’s right, considering Halifax only has a 1.6% vacancy rate in renting market.

In the morning, we also invited five mentors to share their housing expertise with our cohort. We were pleased to have Ren Thomas from Dalhousie University School of Planning, Stephan Richard from Housing Nova Scotia, Rodney Smalls from Common Good Solutions, Frank Palermo from Cities and Environment Unit, and Tristan Cleveland, a PHD student in Dalhousie University join us for the rest of the morning session.

From Left to Right: Rodney Smalls, Frank Palermo, Stephan Richard, Ren Thomas

Tristan Cleveland

The mentors’ presentation covered topics including legislation structure, National Housing Strategy, the new CMHC report, affordable housing, housing history on displacement, accessible housing, inclusionary zoning, youth’s role in housing development, and some case studies.

World Cafe with mentors

World Cafe with mentors

The afternoon session guided the participants to think about their target audience for solving housing issues by identifying who, what, when and where.

Participants were put into groups, to draw down their creative ideas on papers for later presentation to the cohort.

Session 2 wrapped up with participants establishing 5 ideal visions for what they want Halifax to be in 5 years and how Halifax could better provide housing for all. All participants were loaded with valuable contents after this whole day of studying about housing in Halifax, and getting ready for the next ideation session.



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