Getting Innovative on Housing

The third Toronto lab was held at the wonderful Evergreen Brickworks. After a fresh morning walk, we devoured some scones and got to work!

This session was all about ideation, and getting the creative process really flowing and moving forward with the help of a lot of questions being asked, a ton of post-it notes, and conversations amongst participants.

After hundreds of ideas on post-it notes, they were merged and conceptualized into more coherent concepts. These concepts were then voted on by all participants by choosing the top two options. By this voting process, our 30Lab ended up forming 7 different groups with 7 different ideas.

One of these became a final project!

The afternoon was spent amongst these groups, sharing ideas on the concepts, and figuring out how to move forward. Before the day wrapped up, each group got to share with each other and receive feedback on the projects.

Arthur explains his group’s idea!



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