Future City Builders: Halifax

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After spending a week in Toronto gaining insights on resilient cities and challenging the barriers around youth employment with YouthfulCities and Evergreen staff, we (Halifax Co-Leads, Alfred Burgesson and Joyce Liu) are excited to launch the lab and to engage with youth locally!

About Halifax:

Halifax is the largest city in Atlantic Canada with a population just above 400,000 people, and --- a city experiencing an urban renaissance and an increase in economic growth. Momentum around Tourism, Oceans, Tech, and Infrastructure are generating a buzz this city has never experienced before -- today a record number of cranes can be seen in the Halifax skyline, as major land and infrastructure projects will be developed in the coming years. However, in order to build the creative, sustainable and inclusive city our citizens desire to grow in, housing needs to be developed in a way that includes all voices -- including young people.

About Future City Builders:

Future City Builders will engage with 30 youth (18-29 years old) in Halifax to develop work ready skills while improving their city. Our 30Lab will focus on addressing challenges and opportunities around Housing. We will work with city experts to build accessible, healthy, and livable communities for all. After a series of workshops, participants will launch their innovative ideas at a public event, where they will have the opportunity to secure seed funding to bring projects to life within their communities. Projects around access to community transit and food, inclusionary zoning for social housing, homelessness and financing are all themes our lab can explore.

Why we think you should join us:

  • Tackle a social issue relevant to your city

  • Build your resume with a unique experience

  • Connect and learn from community and thought leaders

  • Increase your soft skills in teamwork, creativity, design thinking and engagement

  • Create a lasting network of peers in your city

  • Develop yourself as a community leader

  • Make an impact on your city through launching your community project

We are accepting applications for the Future City Builders Program now! Apply today.

Fill the form below to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecPsouyjePS1s9A58zMwPtVhDjnTPoWVqQJ1IG9XHACivCXg/viewform

If you have any questions or concerns please email us, at fcbhalifax@gmail.com

Alfred Burgesson & Joyce Liu

Future City Builders Co-Leads



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