10 Reasons to #LoveYYC

1. The Mountain Views

The westward vista from downtown just can’t be beat.

2. The Calgary Folk fest

This summer, folk fest attracted internationally celebrated artists such as A Tribe Called Red, Passenger and The Milk Carton Kids, as well as some fabulous Calgarian artists like Chad VanGaalen.

3. The Bow River Pathway

It’s great for cycling, walking, urban art tours, and it connects so many of Calgary’s neighbourhoods.

4. Our Community Spirit

Calgary suffers from a bad case of urban sprawl, but that hasn’t stopped us from being community-oriented and compassionate towards all who share our city. Following the floods of 2013, Calgarians came together en masse to help those who’d been impacted by the event.

5. The New Central Library

Libraries are so much more than the books they contain. They act as welcoming centres for newcomers, provide valuable employment resources for the under/unemployed, host programs for seniors and new parents alike, and are community hubs.

6. The Expansive Parks

Calgary has some truly enormous parks. There’s Nose Hill, Edworthy Park, and Prince’s Island Park, to name just a few. Calgary’s dogs are certainly lucky to have so much space, as are our cyclists, nature-lovers and children.

7. Our Diversity

In 2016 Calgary’s population was just under 1.4 million, of which 400 000 identified as immigrants. We are home to thriving Ukrainian, Sikh, Italian, Chinese and Filipino communities (and many others). On average 1100 refugees arrive in Calgary each year and we’re proud to welcome each of them into our communities. The diversity of life-experiences in our metropolis enriches the lives of all Calgarians.

8. The Free-Fare Zone

Free c-train rides throughout the downtown core!

9. Municipal Environmental Initiatives

In the last decade, city councillors have implemented a number of waste diversion and water reduction initiatives to lessen our city’s environmental impact. Most recently, we made huge strides towards our waste-reduction goals by distributing green bins to each dwelling.

10. Instagrammable Places

Even on the bleakest of winter days, the Peace Bridge and the big white head (formally known as the Wonderland Sculpture) outside The Bow are gorgeous.

We love YYC, however, we know there are so many areas where the city could become more resilient and youth-oriented! Stay tuned for our next blog post all about resiliency in Calgary.



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