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A national project that employs 1200 Canadian youth for the Summer of 2020 to create a national-scale data and information resource that helps organizations in all sectors jump-start their post-pandemic recovery. All this developed and collected by youth from 27 cities across Canada. In the process, youth gain critical experience and skills in virtual work, and communities receive a decision-making platform to prioritize pandemic recovery efforts with a full understanding of the next-generation workforce. Pivot 2020 creates a pan-Canadian experience for a national cohort of youth who will directly support Canada’s recovery.
1200 virtual jobs for youth to help Canadian cities jump-start their post-COVID19 recovery.
The COVID-19 pandemic will be the defining event for Generation Z.
As of March, youth unemployment (which is usually double the unemployment rate as the rest of the population) has reached 20% — and will likely go much higher. Add to that the increases in the cost of living and education, as well as the unknown months of isolation ahead, and well, it’s a grim, toxic mess.
Seven million Canadian youth are ready to take action and invest in a different kind of future. They want this. They can do this. So many previous generations of youth have proved it. Canada's youth can prepare this country for what's coming next.
Their formative experience from the COVID-19 Crisis will be filled with gains that outweigh the losses. They possess the energy, passion, and vision to rebuild Canada, post-pandemic.
We need a way to pivot from isolation, grief, and fear to Dynamism. Invention. Hope.
Canada needs projects that comply with physical distancing requirements. Youth need projects they can do in the safety of their homes. The 27 major cities and capitals that make up this country need data to plan their COVID-19 recovery. A jolt of youthful energy into COVID-19 recovery will create better places to live, work, and play across the country.



1200 youth are employed and gain critical experience and skills in virtual work, including being trained in basic data collection and analysis to identify gaps based on empirical evidence or youth perceptions and community data.
  • Youth gain a deep knowledge of their communities, creating social infrastructure and support for youth
  • The mass capacity of informed youth to engage in local communities, feeding into a potential pipeline in local public service
  • A cohort that develops soft skills and communication processes of shared inquiry across diverse teams
Youth participate in COVID-19 response and recovery by creating an open, bilingual, and accessible open-data platform as a searchable and youth-informed resource to help Canadian youth and communities in a much-changed labor market
  • Creating an evidence framework merging comparable data and opinion sets for 27  cities across Canada; consistent gap analysis resource
  • Inform policy innovation at all levels of government (municipal, provincial/territorial, federal)
  • Community partners and SMEs have access to local market data about youth (customers) priorities to support data-driven business growth
Allows for youth and communities to prioritize areas in a data-informed way to have a positive impact, starting and retaining local talent for 27 cities across the country.
  • Community partners and SMEs will have direct access to a large talent pool of youth
  • Community partners and SMEs will understand how to convert existing roles (or potential for new roles) into virtual opportunities and remote work
  • A network of youth sharing across communities
Creates a 21st Century Pan-Canadian experience for youth across the country
  • Provide youth sense of agency and job training that will strengthen their futures
  • Build a national cohort to help create care-based local communities
  • Deepen commitment to Canada's democracy, resilience, and unity




PIVOT 2020 Schedule

Get Oriented to Pivot 2020. Let’s make sure you know the basics and that your tech is working. Get introduced to your team and your job for the summer. Start learning the skills and the content that you will need to get the job done and help Canadian cities recover from the pandemic in the process. 
Its Survey week! What do Canadian youth really think about all the important issues in their city - The Youthful Cities Wheel? We are going to find out. First, what do you think? Then, how can you connect with 10 people to find out what they think? Could we really get 100,000 youth to answer the same 50 questions? Can we trust what they say? 
Wow - You were just part of one of the largest surveys of youth in Canadian history. But what did they all say about their cities, about the pandemic effects? How does it compare to you and your team? Do you trust the answers? One more final push in very targeted areas. What if we open up the questions to get some amazing stories from youth?
Now you have some great stories from your teammates about what’s going on in your city and what they care about. Let’s get out of your comfort zone and interview 3 youth outside. Find your favorite story and tell it more widely. Start looking at the gaps and opportunities that are emerging based on your interview and what you see in the survey results.
We know what youth say about their cities. Now let's find out what is really happening based on the numbers. The facts. We are building a national urban index in a week. Many hands make light work and we have many hands! You are going to become a specialist in a few areas so we can get this done and done right. Now you will be an expert in your city.
We built a pan-Canadian Index in a week. 27 cities 210+ Indicators. 1200 new experts created. Amazing. Now we need to make sure it's great. We are going to match teams in different cities to check the data of their partner teams. Fun to learn and compare with another city at the same time. You know your city like never before. How do we make it better?
We have an incredible information resource for cities - The Pivot2020 Knowledge Resource. What are the top opportunities for each city? What are the big opportunities for Canada? Let's start putting it to use. How could local governments use this? How about local NGOs and local businesses? You are now the expert change-makers.
Now we need to tell the world and show them how we can make an impact in Canadian cities. Broadcast personal, team, city, country-based stories about the Pivot2020 experience and the post-Covid19 opportunities we have found. Celebrate our successes and commit to staying connected and helping each other and our cities succeed.


Orient Yourself


The Voice of Youth - Launching the Youthful Cities Survey


Powerful Voice and Powerful Stories


Sharing Stories


Building a National Urban Index in a Week


The Art of Checking Your Work and Comparing Cities


Telling Our Pivot 2020 Story Digitally (Personal, City, Country)


The Big Opportunity for You and Your Cities

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