Urban Work Summit 2024 | Vancouver


The Youthful Cities Urban Work Summit is a nationwide project that unites young leaders and innovators from all over Canada to address the challenges and opportunities related to the future of work for youth. The summit commenced with a national gathering in Vancouver, where delegates from different cities across Canada came together to establish connections, enhance skills, and create action plans.

Following the Vancouver summit, local summits took place in Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto, enabling youths to collaborate on tailored solutions for their cities. These gatherings empowered young participants to present their ideas and suggest strategies to enhance the work environment for their peers. Outstanding concepts received micro-grants, allowing the winners to turn their ideas into tangible projects.

In order to support the delegates’ initiatives, Youthful Cities offered a 6-week skill-up program, providing mentorship and guidance to assist in bringing their ideas to life. This comprehensive approach not only encouraged innovation but also equipped young individuals with essential skills and resources to instigate positive transformations in their communities.

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