Past Hackathons

The Youthful Cities Hackathon model brings together young people (aged 18-29) to collaborate in a sprint-like event where the outcomes are tangible solutions to make cities better places in which young people can live and work.

Ottawa Gatineau: Healthy City

About this Hackathon

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has triggered a state of emergency around the world in a way that has never been seen before. COVID-19 has effectively decimated national and international economies, forced a re-evaluation of our socio-cultural standards and practices, all the while highlighting the inequalities and disparities within our communities.

While acclimatisation policies and strategies target the Canadian population as a whole, the nuances necessary to understand the reality of Canadian youth and to mitigate the impacts that are unique to this demographic have not yet been taken into account. How do youth find a job in this climate? How can we improve connectivity between young people during a pandemic to support mental health? Has the loss of physical connection had an influence on physical activity among young people and what are the ways to recover it post-pandemic? These are some of the questions that have already arisen in this moment of crisis.

The Question

How can we explore and improve the youth employment spectrum in Ottawa-Gatineau during and after the COVID-19 crisis?

The Dimensions

The question was explored through three dimensions: financial health, mental health and physical health.

The Cohort

Each participant was asked to write their own biography in their language of choice, whether it be English, French, Franglais or anything in between.

The Ideas

Get it, Don’t Spread It

Get it, Don’t Spread It aims to create better health and safety practices to protect frontline workers, particularly youth, and fill gaps in the Government’s pandemic response while holding employers and customers accountable through campaigns and guidelines that are enforceable through a safety ecosystem.

OG Fruit Basket

OG Fruit Basket seeks to be a community space for professional, Queer youth in the Ottawa-Gatineau (OG) area to connect online with employers and an actively queer-friendly network.


#MentalHealthBack seeks to decolonize mental health services for youth in Ottawa-Gatineau through increasing funding for mental health access and compiling a searchable catalogue of mental health resources for Indigenous youth.

Capital Connection

Capital Connection is a free online platform to be used as a personal finance resource repository with resources relating to budgeting and understanding money and opportunities for youth to connect with a financial advisor that looks and/or thinks like them.


The Youthful Cities Ottawa-Gatineau Hackathon was offered in partnership with RBC Future Launch and ImpactHub Ottawa.


Chúk Odenigbo

Julie Dunleavy


Angela Byun

Anna Lambe

Bernice Mwaura

Christy Lee

Dasa Riadi

David Reynolds

Harmony Eshkawkogan

Hemi Patel

Fawn Logan-Young

Joy Ralamboarisoa Verrier

Linda Cabral

Mahmoud Zahaby

Mia Trana

Sam Kilpatrick

Sara Hélène Dubé

Shannon Hogan

Saskatoon Hackathon: The Future of Sustainable Work

The Saskatoon Hackathon is a virtual 5 day Hackathon to bring together 20 youth (between 18 and 29) in Saskatoon to create and launch innovative ideas for their community. Under the umbrella of the ‘Future of Sustainable work’ the event was centered on local food systems, climate action, and tech innovation. As we look towards recovering from this pandemic and recession, we can focus on the future of sustainable work in order to foster an equitable and inclusive recovery for our local community.

Partnership with RBC in recruitment drive, providing mentors to support delegate groups during the live Friday session, $3000 funding for launching projects post event.

Partnership with the University of Saskatchewan in outreach, content design, mentors, and coaching the groups after the event.

The Ideas

Saskatoon Solar Shelter

Heated bus shelters in downtown Saskatoon using solar energy


A waste management app that tracks the amount of waste produced


Using hydroponics to grow fresh produce for students, communities, and food banks


Yasmine Wafa


Abhineet Goswami

Christina McRorie

Declan Hills

Francisco Pino

Hawi Roba

Jenna Kachur

Kanika Gupta

Kathleen McHugh

Kurt Wolfe

Maria Celeste Nunez

Mohamed Bensaleh

Ossama Ibrahim

Prince Olubiyi

Safak Candar

Samia Sami