Advisory Group

Youthful Cities Decade

Are you passionate about creating youthful cities, ensuring young people are involved in city building and excited to contribute to a new legacy project? Consider applying to join the advisory group for Youthful Cities Decade.

The Mandate

We are currently in the design phase of Youthful Cities Decade, and we want to ensure young people from across all global regions are involved. We are seeking advice on each of the different phases of the initiative, the organizational design, and the values that underpin this bold venture. At this early stage, we do not have funding secured for the program, so we also need to have a funders mindset as we design it. Finally, we need advice on the relationship between global and local success. Advisors may also contribute content and their public endorsement if they wish.

The Scope

One briefing session plus three, two-hour virtual meetings to happen between February and April 2023.

Stipend: $1000 USD

The Makeup

Thirteen members who are currently under 30 years old — one indigenous member and two from each of the following regions:

• Sub-Saharan Africa
• Latin America
• Middle East and North Africa
• Asia
• Europe
• USA/Canada


We are specifically looking for experience with:

• Data and Open Data
• Gatherings, events, summits
• Innovation Labs
• Local Urban change
• Storytelling and media
• Global Networks

The 100 Cities

Advisory group members must be from one of the 100 Decade cities. (Click on the full screen option to be able to search cities on the map.)

Want to be a part of the Youthful Cities Decade Advisory Group? Submit an application.