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Ottawa's Health score is negatively impacted by the fact that the city only uses online sources to communicate health matters in the city. There are no TV channels, radio channels, or print media devoted to health matters in Ottawa. While social media is an important tool to disseminate information, ONLY having important information available online excludes youth and other members of the population who don't have digital access.

Ottawa is a leader in availability of dedicated public transit in Canada: its Transitway bus system operates many bus lines with dedicated lanes above or below regular roads. Since some of these bus lines run 24/7, Ottawa has the highest number of hours of dedicated public transit per week in Canada.


Ottawa is not doing very much to encourage young designers to stay – the city has no young designer showcases or fashion incubators. Making space for young designers to improve, learn, and promote their work is essential if Ottawa wants to grow as a fashion hub.


Canada's capital isn't much of a city for students. With the lowest number of post-secondary institutions per capita and the second lowest full-time undergraduate enrolment, it may be difficult for Ottawa to attract young people to study in the city. Increasing the existing institutions' capacity for students would be a good move towards improving the youthful character of the city.

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