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Montreal's strengths are focused in live and play. Quebec's largest city finishes first in two of the live attributes: digital access and transit, and four of the play attributes: fashion, food and nightlife, music and travel. However, it takes none of the first place honours in work, going so far as to finish seventh in three of the attributes in this theme: financial services, education and entrepreneurship.


It is expensive to start a business in Montreal! Businesses licenses in Montreal are by far the most expensive, as is access to co-working spaces. The city may want to lower the cost of a business license to encourage entrepreneurship in the city.


One of the factors that lowers Montreal's overall health score is that the legal age for purchasing cigarettes in Montreal is 18, compared to 19 in many other Canadian cities.


It might surprise Montrealers that the city ranked lowest on the sports attribute. One major contributor to this is the cost to play sports: Montreal is the most expensive city to join a recreational or organized soccer league (over ten times more expensive than in Calgary!) It is the second-most expensive place to buy a pair of sports shoes. The city might want to consider subsidizing recreational sports and equipment if it wants to encourage youth to play sports.

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