Urban Insights

Here at Youthful Cities, we love data. We love sharing it, analyzing it, and most importantly, collecting it — and we’re proud to offer comprehensive, intersectional insights on cities around the world. So the only question is: what are you looking for? If you want to see in-depth insights on youth attitudes in Canada and beyond on issues like education, COVID recovery, and more, take a look at our surveys. If you want to see how your city stacks up on issues like affordability, job security, housing, and more, check out our one-of-a-kind urban index that charts liveability for young people — globally. We’ve also collected stories for a deeper, more intimate look at what life is like for young people navigating the urban jungle.


Federal Leaders Platform Analysis

Our team of analysts took a look at the 2021 Federal Leaders platforms to see if they have policies and programs that are specifically targeted to youth in the areas youth are concerned about most. Take a look to see what we found!


Since its conception, we at Youthful Cities have dedicated ourselves to amplifying the voices of youth. One way we do this is through our national and international surveys.: These are data-collection tools that take words directly from young people around the world and use their voices to inform our work.