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A big contributor to Hamilton's poor safety score is that it is the only city we measured in Canada that does not have any of the following on its public transit: a passenger bill of rights, night stop programs, transit police or security officers, and surveillance on the fleet. Adopting at least some of these security measures on public transit would be a good first step to improving the city's safety score.

Hamilton is the city with the cheapest average concert tickets! Youth are a large part of the concert-going population, so access to affordable live music is a great draw for youth to come to Hamilton and experience the city's burgeoning music scene.


Hamilton comes in the bottom three on digital access in the city. Part of the reason for this is the lack of availability of free publicly accessible WiFi throughout the city. Hamilton lags behind other Canadian cities by not having Wi-Fi on its public transit.


Hamilton would serve its artists well and increase its performance in the Index by requiring new developments over a certain size to include a budget for a permanent public art installation. Ideally this would exist as part of an integrated, long term public art plan.

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