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Establishing a Youth Advisory Board that reports to City Council should be a priority for the local government. Indeed, Halifax is 1 of only 3 cities in our Index that doesn't have a such a board. This would bump up the city's overall finish in the Index, at the same time that it would create a newly engagement cohort of young politicians.

Halifax gets high scores on the Public Space attribute, coming in at third best in Canada. One contributor is the high percentage of the city that is public green space. There are 76 square kilometers of public green space for Halifax's residents to enjoy the outdoors.


The minimum age to register a business in Halifax is 19, which is the oldest out of any cities we measured (compared to 12 years old in St. John's!) This is very limiting for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. Lowering the minimum age would foster youth entrepreneurship, and improve Halifax's entrepreneurship score.


Halifax scores in the bottom 3 on Environment, and falls behind other cities on the Smart Cities initiatives scale. One notable reason is that Halifax's public transit doesn't use low-carbon emission vehicles.

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