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Jan 2019
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Future City Builders engaged 150 youth (18-29 years old) in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax to develop work-ready skills while improving their city. Modeled on YouthfulCities’ 30Lab program, Future City Builders brings together 30 youth in each city to create and launch innovative ideas for urban food, water, transportation, housing and waste systems. In each city, two youth develop their leadership and employability skills as City Leads, helping to run these exciting urban innovation labs. These City Leads attending a one-week institute, hosted at Evergreen Brickworks, to develop their expertise on resilient cities and returned home to contextualize the lab experience for their city. 


Future City Builders is presented in partnership by YouthfulCities and Evergreen, championed by RBC Future Launch. The Future City Builder program is an initiative of Future Cities Canada, a national collaborative platform accelerating innovation to transform cities.

The 30Lab

The 30Lab is a pop-up innovation lab for 30 local young urban influencers to come together over a series of four workshops to create innovative solutions on resilient city systems. Each of the 30 participants is drawn from across the range of attributes from what makes a city great - live, work and play. Through the workshops, youth unpack the city issue at hand with mentorship from community experts and ideate new solutions for their city. Participants launch their ideas at a public event, where participants have the opportunity to secure up to $5000 in seed funding to bring their project to life in their city. Youthfulcities provides on-going support and mentorship to coach participants to implement their community solution in their city.

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