#FFWD is a landmark summit from YouthfulCities, CFC and RBC Future Launch that brings together young people from all over Canada -- pacific to atlantic to arctic, urban and rural -- to collaborate on the future of work. It’s a participatory summit, which means our participants won’t just be sitting back and listening; they’ll be hands-on collaborators and creators of the summit’s programming and will get an immersive experience unlike any other. The summit will compensate participants with a $500 honorarium  with an additional $250 for costs of technological connectivity and will take place September 8th-11th.


COVID-19 has impacted Canada’s youth both as a health pandemic and an economic shock, and disproportionately affects marginalized groups. As it stands, youth -- especially at-risk youth -- are left out of COVID-19 relief and recovery policy consultation. This makes it difficult for youth to attain re-employment, government support, and community building opportunities. Careers are now seen as an unattainable commitment and many barriers are rooted in hiring practices and culture that reflect and reinforce systemic inequality; in addition, links to communities and shared spaces have been severed and youth are more isolated than ever. The future of work as a young adult seems precarious so with diverse youth perspectives from all over Canada, let’s reimagine it together. 


  • Provide youth from coast to coast to coast with a funded opportunity to learn from mentors and one another, further their skills, and make lasting connections

  • Empower youth to continue leading social change in and beyond their communities

  • Connect groups of youth with diverse lived experiences 

  • Youth-led brainstorming of tangible recovery actions, plans, and policies to support youth employment post COVID-19

  • To create sustainable and meaningful change within our communities post-Summit


Q: Can I join as an unpaid observer? 

A: Unfortunately, the summit is a dialogue based program so we don’t have the capacity or infrastructure to support observers. 


Q: What will I get out of this besides the stipend? 

A: You will meet over a hundred ambitious, changemaking youth from across the country; get the opportunity to build a new future for yourself and your peers; build teamwork skills through collaboration and discussion; gain hands-on policy-making and social innovation experience; and be given the chance to build the future of work in Canada. 


Q: Will I need to be online 9-5 on the 4 days of the summit? 

A: Short answer: No. More details coming soon!