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Edmonton is the most affordable city in Canada relative to its minimum wage. As the fifth most populous city in Canada, this is pretty impressive! Edmonton ranks among the cheapest cities for food, transit, consumption tax rate, minimum personal tax rate, and household products.


Edmonton has among the lowest quantities of annual recycled materials for its population in Canada. This is surprising considering that the number of materials that can be recycled in Edmonton is one of the highest in Canada. Ensuring that the city's residents are making use of these robust recycling options would increase Edmonton's environment score.


Commuters, students and regular Edmontonians have access to bike lanes, carshare, and dedicated local public transit lanes. However, by streamlining provisions around a bike sharing movement, and joining up with local advocates who are pushing for the program as an integrated part of the city's transit plan, local government could improve the city's transit reality, and Edmonton's overall finish in the Index.


Edmonton is the Canadian city with the second most expensive average concert tickets, and it also doesn't have city-provided free music programs for youth. As cost is a large barrier for youth to experience arts and culture, investing in free or low-cost music experiences for youth would greatly improve Edmonton's ranking in the music attribute.

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