Canada has an opportunity to build a future that’s more global, more open, and more courageous. Two forces driving that future are the competitiveness of its cities, and the success of its youth.

Cities around the world are competing to become more liveable, smart, innovative and desirable. Simply put, they are competing to become more youthful. Canadian cities are falling behind. Toronto was the only Canadian city to make the Top 10 of the Global YouthfulCities Index in 2015. Montreal and Vancouver just barely made the top 20 and were behind most other North American cities, including Mexico City. But that was over two years ago. Maybe political changes in the US have offered up a new opportunity. We know youth are ready; according to our surveys, over 50% want to be more involved in bettering their city. We know cities are desperate for their help.

The Plan

13 city index launching in spring

We are on it. It’s launching in the spring of 2018. It will be the first public national comparable urban index, measuring 101 indicators spanning all 20 youthful infrastructure areas. Learn more about the index.

13 city survey launching in autumn

YouthfulCities will be surveying over 5000 Canadian youth to get a pulse on our cities, but more importantly to build knowledge and initiate engagement. With all this current useful knowledge and a burgeoning network of engaged youth the next step seems obvious. Learn more about the survey.

Launch urban decoder labs in 13 cities

We will find 30 influential youth spread across all twenty youthful infrastructure perspectives. They to use our new deep knowledge set on cities to identify an urgent need or gap and build new urban solutions for their city. Learn more about Urban Decoder Labs (30Networks).

The Cities

We are looking for national and local partners, youth organizations and city builders. Contact Robert Barnard at



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