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Experiencing the 4th highest youth unemployment rate, Calgary's youth would be well served by a greater number of employment centres or small business training programs. The Calgary Public Library's "Small Business Tuesdays" is a good start and well attended, but would-be entrepreneurs would be well served by greater opportunities to learn from similar programs.

Calgary performs well in a number of attributes in the play theme, including creative arts. With seven art/design schools and a large budget for public art, it's an attractive city for young artists.


Considering the quality of the post-secondary institutions in Calgary, it is surprising that the city ranked 12th on the education attribute. Calgary received low scores for the number of post-secondary institutions per capita, and for the number of enrolled full-time undergraduate students in the city. If Calgary wants to retain or attract greater numbers of youth, a good start would be to make more spaces available for students in its 8 post-secondary institutions.


By helping kickstart local music festivals, Calgary could easily move out of 2nd last place in the music category. Funding, institutional or in-kind support for local artists and organizers by the city or local businesses would go a long way towards invigorating the local scene.

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