Headshot of Raj Dhaliwal.

Raj Dhaliwal

City Manger β€” Calgary

I usually take on opportunities that have nothing to do with my education or skills. I hold a MSc in Sustainable Development, a BA in Urban Studies, and self proclaimed continuing education in Pizza making. I am currently building an early stage startup colliding the creative future of learning and work onto a single platform. I enjoy learning about the future of farming, health and cities, and governments, all through a data and digital lens. Since graduation, I have not been employed in my home city of Calgary, though I still live here, I once ran into the VP of Taiwan, tried bubble tea at it’s original home, and I am always looking for my next big adventure. I enjoy participating behind the scenes in political campaigns, however I will never run for office myself, ever.

Favourite City: Taipei: hot springs, night markets, booming core, tech and digital, the people!

My youthful value: Civic engagement cause no city will thrive without it.

Favourite snack food: Punjabi sweets