Patrice Clair

Patrice Tai-Clair

City Manager — Vancouver

I’m very excited for my role as City Manager for Youthful Cities. Prior to joining YC, I come from the field of public service and community building. I come from a mix heritage of Chinese, Filipino and Caucasian and have a deep appreciation for the diversity we enjoy here in Canada. Please don’t hesitate to chat with me about food, musicals, true crime, psychology, history or any other passions you might have.

Favourite city: I love both Toronto and San Francisco! I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city as well as all variety of activities and cuisine available.

My youthful value: I connect the most to the value of playfulness. We spend approx. 1,795 hours per year in the workplace, that’s a lot! Life is too short to be working with no passion, creativity and laughter. Incorporating playfulness in our work and living spaces is how we keep ourselves youthful.

Favourite snack food: Anything chocolate