Oki Adeoba headshot

Oki Adeoba

City Manager — Toronto

Hey there, I’m Oki, the City Manager at Youthful Cities, leading the charge in Toronto! With years of experience working with youth in the GTA, including three as a Program Manager, I’m passionate about empowering young individuals. I believe in nurturing creativity, embracing diversity, and amplifying the voices of the next generation. In addition to my work with Youthful Cities, I’m also a strong advocate for financial literacy among young people. Through content creation and community initiatives, I aim to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to build a financially secure future. Join me in this journey of growth and transformation, as we create a vibrant and inclusive environment for the youth of Toronto to thrive and shape their future. Together, let’s make a positive impact and unleash the boundless potential of our city’s young minds!

Favourite city: My favorite city is Toronto hands down and not only because of the food but I believe with the right support and hard work Toronto is a city you can create a long-lasting career in the big three industries Tech, Medical, and Hospitality

My youthful value: Inventiveness aligns perfectly with my belief in challenging norms and seeking out-of-the-box solutions. Being inventive allows me to stay curious and explore uncharted territories. I am not afraid to take risks and venture into unexplored markets, developing innovative products or services that address real-life problems.

Favourite snack food: Skittles