Kumara Prasanna Jayaraju

Open Data and IT Director — Toronto

Born and raised in India and settled in Canada. With the passionate mindset towards technology, started my career as Oracle DBA and worked on multiple organization from startups to corporate in various capacity and currently working as Director of Open Data and IT at Youthful cities.

I have coached and mentored students and professionals on both technical and entrepreneurial skills over 9 years. Looking forward to giving back to the society by creating and sharing projects that builds and shapes the youth for better future and that supports humanity.

My hobbies are reading books, surfing internet on emerging and upcoming technologies, playing badminton, learning new things like currently trying to learn violin instrument myself by watching Youtube videos. I would consider myself as life long life learner.

Favourite city: I love Toronto as it is the most happening place in terms of research and innovation, technology and business. Also the city is lively and having a great vibe that attracts talents.

My youthful value: Curious: Always life long learner and yearning to learn new things.

Favourite snack food: Peanut chikki bar/ fried banana chips

My role at Youthful Cities: Open Data and IT Director