Emma Berger

They/Them and She/Her
Outreach and Research Analyst — Calgary

Hello! I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Social Innovation. I co-founded a club at Mount Royal University based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to co-create social and environmental change. My core values are collaboration, stories (I love books!), and sharing knowledge. My favourite thing to do is try out new cafés in Calgary!

Favourite city: Is it bad to say my own? It feels like home, and there’s always something new to explore (also, I’m not well-travelled).

My youthful value: Connected. I think collaboration is essential to making change, having an impact, or even simply sharing knowledge. With anything I do, I always try to figure out how I can make it beneficial to others.

Favourite snack food: Would it be cheating to say drinks? Fancy drinks are my favourite – peach slushies, caramel frappes, or hibiscus tea please!!

My role at Youthful Cities: Outreach and Research Analyst