Eloya Williams

Research & Innovation Manager – Toronto

MA in sociology, constantly curious (always adding to my read list/podcast collection), I love going for hikes, attending live music events, and anything photography/video related.

Favourite city: Love Toronto’s vibrancy, but also enjoyed my time in Washington, DC (Loved the park system, green space, walkability, and accessibility to interactive knowledge through the free museums!)

My youthful value: Curiosity. I have always loved learning, so I think it is important to for us to continue asking questions about the systems that contribute to the design, access, opportunities and barriers in our cities, but I also advocate that cultivating a sense of curiosity in citizens and institutions can help foster more inventive, innovative, and thoughtful spaces.

Favourite snack food: (So many options!) Currently yogurt parfait. I like them for their sweetness, they are relatively healthy, and you can customize them with different toppings.

My role at Youthful Cities: Research and Innovation