Dan Alferov

Dan Alferov

Research and Innovation Manager – Toronto

Dan is a data nerd passionate about interpreting “people data” through an interdisciplinary lens to design creative data products and solutions. He has been involved in research since his teenage years representing Team Canada at the Intel International Science and Engineering fair in 2013/14 for his research in behavioural neuroscience and psychophysics in partnership with the Brain and Mind Insitute at Western University. Dan’s research garnered the PSICHI – Best Psychology Project 2014 and a Young Canadian Innovator Award in 2015. His passion for neuroscience and behavioural research, drove him to study Neuroscience and Economics at the University of Toronto as a BMO National Scholar.

Dan has worked in analytical roles within Toronto-based start-ups and BMO Merchant Banking. His most notable role was Director of Analytics at Heartbeat AI a boot-strapped Toronto start-up where he led the product development and analytical team for Heartbeat 3.0: a multifaceted SaaS research platform that integrates natural language processing techniques and proprietary empathy analytics to inform strategic action in healthcare and human resources applications based on open-ended text data.

Outside of work, Dan loves basketball, cooking and vibing with his cat, Mocha. His latest reading interests include character-driven fantasy and African philosophy.

My favourite city: I really enjoy the city of Chicago. I find that Chicago, despite being a large city maintains regions rich in community and cultural representation. I love how the lakeshore was developed in a thoughtful and accessible way which brings a lot of the city together in the summers.

Youthful value: Inventive, I believe in an interdisciplinary approach towards designing and interpreting research. As data evolves to encapsulate people and lived experiences, we need to get creative with our approach towards the interpretation of multi-dimensional real-world stories.

Favourite snack food: Chocoramos

My Role at Youthful Cities: Dry humour, relevant pop-culture memes, and slightly detached emotional support relative.