Betty Abebayehu

Betty Abebayehu

Research & Outreach Coordinator – Vancouver

Betty Abebayehu, an emerging filmmaker based in Vancouver, is a multifaceted creative force shaping narratives through film, photography, and visual art. With a passion for intertwining social issues and cultural insights into her storytelling, Betty brings a unique perspective to her projects, placing emphasis on amplifying voices and experiences often overlooked in mainstream media and conversation. As the founder of OnyXCreatives, she has cultivated a collaborative space where creatives converge to explore themes surrounding the Black Women Experience, fostering a platform for visual storytelling that resonates deeply with audiences and their shared experiences.

In addition to her directorial endeavors, Betty’s journey in the film industry has seen her contribute assisting various productions, including notable projects such as The Flash, CTV’s Farming for Love, and The Night Agent, where she served in roles ranging from Production Assistant to Office Production Assistant. Her recent completion of the CMPA Mentorship Program with Black Moon Media Inc. further honed her skills, allowing her to explore roles such as Producer’s Assistant, Associate Producer, Writer, and Production Coordinator. Alongside her cinematic pursuits, Betty is the visionary behind theSADBOIWRLD, a fashion collective that transcends past clothing releases by using fabric as a storytelling medium. Notably, she spearheaded part one of this year’s exhibitions with a Christmas special art exhibition/market in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, Betty is actively assisting in producing a feature film alongside African creatives, two personal shorts and she is set to unveil a music video, formatted as a short film and co-directed and co-written with an emerging South Sudanese artist from Edmonton,Alberta. Betty’s journey as a self-taught artist exemplifies the power of passion, innovation, and storytelling in reshaping the cultural landscape.

Favourite city: Addis Abeba

My youthful value: Playful: you got to approach things in life like a complex game of fun and in times of extreme adversity, I like to laugh my issues away. Makes for the clearest skin imaginable and helps you avoid breakdowns.

Favourite snack food: Pizza

My role at Youthful Cities: Research and outreach