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This report is an amalgamation of data, research, and perspectives from the YouthfulCities Survey, Index, Global Summit Delegates, and Hackathons. It includes a total of 101 indicators organized across YouthfulCities’ 20 Urban Attribute categories, grouped into three themes: Live, Work, and Play. The 2015 Index expanded the number of cities involved, offering a more in-depth understanding of what is working in cities.

As you flip through the report, you will see that each of our 20 Urban Attributes is approached from a few different perspectives: first we have the city rankings, and the observations made based on these rankings; then, we have the input from our Global Summit delegates and the results of the Hackathons which explore the Challenges, Visions, and Innovations. We invite you to explore what youth want from cities, how they envision the future of urban life, and how we can drive that vision forward.

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