At YouthfulCities, we're nothing without our team. Here's everything you need to know about the people that make us work! 

About me: I’ve spent 25+ years working with youth on cool projects all around the world. I’m the founder of three companies and one charity. I’m a clothing designer, author, speaker, and driver (since no one else has a drivers license in the office).


Favourite city: London. I lived there for almost three years. I love Toronto too, but maybe it's just too familiar.


My Urban Attribute: Diversity. I am a variety junkie – from music to food to film to culture. 


Guilty pleasure: Brownies. Duh!


My role at YouthfulCities: Driver, half baked visionary, cinema seat index indicator collector, official word of the day supplier. 


Robert Barnard



Want to join us in our mission to make cities more youthful? We regularly hold summits, take surveys, host hackathons, and more. Take a look to see how you can work with us to make cities better. 


More youthful cities globally


To connect change agents to the network, information, and tools to create more youthful cities -- globally


Youthfulness should not be constrained to the age demographic of 15- to 30-year-old. We believe that every person, every city, and the world as a whole can be youthful by focusing on the six youthful values of connectedness, openness, dynamism, curiosity, inventiveness, and playfulness. Click each value to find out more!


Perhaps our favorite thing about youthfulness is the fact that we care about having fun. Building a better future should be an exercise in joy, and we believe in bringing play and excitement into every aspect of city life.


What would the world look like through someone else’s eyes? How are our experiences unique? What built the systems we live in today? These are all questions that define our future, and we believe we need to keep asking them. 


Young people are shifting what it means to be successful. They’re starting businesses, leaving the beaten path, and inventing a new kind of future for themselves. How will youth invent the future of cities? 


Young people are the most connected generation in history. Cities are at their best when they’re built from communities -- and communities are now being built by youth in new and innovative ways.


The world is changing: we’re seeing cities become more diverse, more innovative, and more unique than ever before. We believe that openness to change defines any healthy city.


Young people have grown up in a society that’s shifting at an exponential rate, and it’s only uphill from here. We have what it takes to be the most progressive generation in history, and cities should follow our lead.

Linxi Mytkolli


Eleanor Buxton

Summit Manager

Researcher on the Impacts of COVID-19

Climate Change Project Lead

Rayne Fisher-Quann

Social Media & Web Content Creator

Social Media & Creative Strategist