Read our Index and didn't see your city? Now is your chance to see your city in our rankings.


5 Reasons to Sign Up


1. Engage youth now. Being part of the 2020 Index is a great way to engage with young people in your city. The Index serves as a guide for youth in which to assess and understand the benefits each city has to offer. It sends a strong message that cities are interested in engaging youth. Our Index is also driven by youth - in each city we hire two local youth researchers to collect the data, contributing to youth employment.

2. Impact city policy. The index offers a data-driven lens of youth knowledge and is an impetus for policy actions at municipal levels. It is a great addition to city-level strategies for youth engagement and development, giving city officials access to data on youth that is trusted. Participating in the index can give your city officials a jump start on engaging and attracting youth in your city!

3. Spur civic innovation. Innovation starts with understanding the gaps. Participating in the Index can lead to innovation in your city around the 21 urban attributes that youth care about most. Understanding where the gaps are can help community and policy leaders to innovate around the solution.

4. Market your city to young talent. Our 2018 index was nationally featured in The Globe and Mail and CBC Newsworld, CBC radio in 16 cities and had numerous local and social media coverage

5. Get the conversation started. The Index is a conversation starter. By participating in the Index, your city will get direct audience engagement at the national and local level with youth, thought leaders and policymakers.

Our sign up cut off date for 2020 is November 15, 2019.




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