Data-driven solutions to make cities more
youthful. connected. open. dynamic. playful. curious. inventive.

Who We Are

Youthful Cities is a social enterprise that creates data-driven solutions to make cities better for everyone. We bring together young people (15-29 year-olds) to collect data, spark dialogue, generate insights, and then work towards positive action. Click here to learn more about our values.

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In the Media

Oh, great. Unaffordable Toronto and Vancouver are ranked as top cities for young people to live and work in

Rob Carrick of The Globe and Mail discusses some of the findings of the Urban Work Index 2023 and the struggles young people face around affordability in the top-ranking cities.


Is Canada Cool?

Check out our executive director Robert Barnard’s National Observer article all about youthfulness.

Our Solutions

Data Products & Visualization

At Youthful Cities, we know data is so much more than just numbers. We create a variety of web apps, data visualizations, and interactive data stories to activate the data we work so hard to capture.

Community Action Research

Youthful Cities uses the community action research model to collect public opinion data, which can take the form of surveys or interviews. We hire youth from local communities and involve them in the process from start to finish.

Index Creation

Youthful Cities has nearly 10 years’ experience working with data to rank cities both in Canada and globally. The 6 Urban Attributes – connectedness, openness, dynamism, playfulness, curiosity, and inventiveness – help us shape our indicators and give our work a unique perspective.

Open Up — Open Data Literacy + Activation Program

Open Up is Youthful Cities’ Open Data Literacy + Activation Program that builds open data capacity in the youth-serving sector by empowering organizations and their changemakers with tools to activate open data in order to enhance their organization’s impact.

Labs & Hackathons

Enabling youth through a pop-up “think and do tank” co-creation model to effect change in their cities. Hackathons are a condensed version of the lab model that can be delivered virtually.


Summits bring together great people and spark dialogue around important issues. They provide unique opportunities for networking and connection. To make sure great ideas don’t fall through the cracks, summits can be combined with the virtual hackathon model following the conclusion of in-person sessions.