2014 YouthfulCities INDEX



The YouthfulCities 2014 Index is an ambitious collaborative effort to analyze 25 cities around the world from a unique youth perspective. It looks at how youth LIVE, WORK and PLAY in their urban settings, in order to examine how cities are serving their youth, and ask how youth can similarly be better integrated and engaged in their cities.



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What Makes It Unique:








Our methodology is made up of five key steps:


In order to create a dynamic and global Index, the team began by developing a list of potential indicators and categories that were relevant to youth in cities globally.


In March 2013, we measured the importance of these indicators and categories by launching the first online Urban Youth Survey in all 25 cities. Over 1600 youth completed the 10-question survey, giving us insight into what matters most to a small sampling of youth in our 25 cities. THIS DATA WAS NOT USED TO CALCULATE THE INDEX. 


Through a discussion of regional differences between the global team and key Urban Decoders in our cities, and a follow-up critical analysis of youth-centric issues, we were able to consolidate our extensive research efforts and develop 120 globally applicable indicators across 22 categories. While we made every effort to collect data for all of these indicators in all 25 cities, reliable and comparable data was very hard to find for some cities in some indicators. As such, our 2014 Index contains data on 80 unique indicators in 16 categories. 








Categories are developed to establish themes for data collection. See icons below for the complete list of categories in the 2014 Index. 


Indicators are individual data measurements that are grouped into categories. Different types of indicators were designed to gain a balanced perspective on each city. We collected data on indicators using one of three methods:


  1. Researching statistical data from reputable external sources

  2. Data collected by an individual in the city

  3. Short questionnaires about cities answered by individuals in the city


Guiding Principles:


- The Index involves youth in every step of the process from creation and data collection to interpretation and reporting
- The Index puts the needs and desires of youth in cities first and considers that which benefits youth most
- As much as possible the Index seeks to reduce subjectivity by creating global categories and indicators
- The Index is global and seeks to reduce regional biases
- While we recognize that there are vast differences in education and income among youth around the world, the Index is nonetheless relevant to as many youth as possible, globally
- The Index is as accurate as possible given the challenges of collecting comparable data between municipalities within a specific age range


Accessible Information:


As a social enterprise, YouthfulCities will release publicly the scoring but not the individual data points. If there is interest in the data points please feel free to contact us. The data will be available for youth in order to encourage the use of the index for improving their cities. A small fee will be applied to this service for non-youth. A short explanation as to which data is requested and what use is intended will be part of the request process.




Categories & Indicators

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